Ticketmaster Verified Fan™ is committed to getting tickets in the hands of fans. Not scalpers or bots. So we've partnered with artists like Queens of the Stone Age to create a way for real fans to get exclusive ticket access to see their favorite shows. Weaving in our unique technology that allows us to identify scalpers and bots, fans are now competing against other real fans for tickets, not software.

First, sign up at presale.qotsa.com. Then, tell us where you would like to see Queens of the Stone Age play, and confirm your registration. After registering and getting your place in line, you can move up or down depending on your level of participation until Saturday, June 17 at 7PM PDT. At this point, all spots will be locked. Before tickets go on sale Tuesday, June 20, you will receive a message with a link to access the presale in the city of your choice. The message will contain your unique access code, which allows you to purchase up to four (4) tickets, as well as your presale time, which is based off of your final group in line.

It can take some time for us to link your record purchase to your presale account. Please make sure that the email you used on the official Queens of the Stone Age Store is also saved to your Strobe presale account. If the emails are different, you can always sign in and add it to your account. If more than an hour has passed since you purchased, and the purchase email is saved to your account, please send us your order id at hello@strobelabs.com.

If you already made a purchase through the official Queens of the Stone Age Store, make sure that the email you used is linked to your account. We’ll be able to match up your purchase and give you the credit you deserve.

No, all items purchased from the store count the same amount toward your position.

We are sorry, but you can only pick one line for this presale! However, you can change cities at any time until the presale registration ends.

When you register for the presale, you'll be placed in Group 2. Preordering the record or buying a merch bundle using the links on this site will move you into Group 1, guaranteeing you earliest access to the presale.

By signing up, you will get a unique code good for access to the fan presale. This code will allow you to purchase up to four tickets. The time at which your code will become valid and you'll be let into the presale is dependent on your place in line. The higher your spot, the earlier you will get access to tickets.

We take measures to ensure that scalpers and bots don't take up spots in line. Only real fans, not scalpers will get to keep their place. If you believe you were removed from the line by mistake, please get in touch with us at hello@strobelabs.com.

Make sure you aren't using any ad-blocking software and please grant Strobe Tickets permission to access your Facebook account when prompted.

We want to give every fan access to great tickets. Since there is a limited quantity of tickets, they will be available on a first-come-first-served basis and are not guaranteed. Just like a line in the real world, not everyone in line may end up with tickets.

You'll receive email or text messages the day before the presale. These will include timing details and a link to where you can purchase your tickets, as well as your unique offer code. The #VerifiedFan Presale begins Tuesday, June 20.

If you never received an offer code, it's possible you never confirmed your spot in line. If you never received an email confirming your spot in line or never linked your Ticketmaster account, you likely didn't make the cut off to receive a code.

The Presale begins Tuesday, June 20. It's a simple, standard purchase process and the steps will help you navigate your search and purchase.

Presales begin on Tuesday, June 20. However, the precise time you will be able to access the presale will depend upon your final spot in line. Please check your email and the entry page to confirm your specific access time.

We want to make sure that the most loyal fans, who buy the new record and promote the tour, get the earliest access to tickets.

You can see all the tour dates here.